The Nextgen Mall Ramadhan Iftar Specials

Gypsy Niffler

A meal of Veggie rice, marinated fried boneless chicken, 6 cups of either cold Horchata or hot Atole and sauce for you and 5 of your loved ones for only 4,500 bob

A Lasagna for 4 with garden salad or coleslaw and four - 300ml cups of milkshake for only 3000 bob!

Pizza Best

Buy a charcoal roasted tender grilled half chicken and a free plate of chips.

Mazali Dishes

10% off any order above 1,500 bob.

Peppercorn - Indian Cuisine

10% off any meal

Grillan Foods - Meat & More

A 4 course meal with Starters ranging from Arabian Kahawa, Dates, Samosa, Mandazi bites, water to soups such as Harira, Goat soup or Lentils; a main dish of goat meat, chicken or Fish served with rice or potatoes, a variety of green salads and a perfect finish of Arabian mint tea; for just for 900 bob.

Bransons Snack & Juice Parlour

10% discount for any order above 1,500 bob.

Tahir's Barbeque

10% Off any meal

Home Coffee

A free side of chips with any of our Sandwiches

10% off any of our HOT drinks

Half-price on cupcakes. (Get one for ksh 35/=)

Savan Foods

Buy a whole tilapia fish and get your accompaniment absolutely free