Nextgen Live at #TheTrend

Date: December 16th 2016
Time: 8:00pm - 0:00am

Event Details:

It was a night of crazy fun live on one of Kenya’s leading National TV Stations NTV. National Celebrity TV Host, Larry Madowo, was live at the Nextgen Mall in concert on the hit TV show #TheTrend. It was nonstop fun and laughter from the 8pm Kick off that Friday. Karaoke at Santa’s Village was hilarious, as Movin Were, the talented Caricature artist, sketched the hilarious social commentator cast live on the show.

Once the clock struck 10pm, the party kicked off with dance with Anto Neo Soul and his dance crew, with some of the funniest competitions running in between the performances. Here’s a sneak peak in to the fun you missed.

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